Review Process

All papers undergo a two part review process including a review by content experts and review for public accessibility. Peer reviewers are assigned manuscripts that are relevant to their specific area of expertise. Manuscripts are reviewed in four areas: 1) Content Quality and Originality 2) Framing and Clarity 3) Scope and 4) Public Accessibility.

Content Quality and Originality

  • Does the research question advance the area of study?
  • Does this research include essential literature and theory?

Framing and Clarity

  • Does the introduction summarize the relevant scholarship and provide necessary context? 
  • Does the author accurately explain the approach, methods, or design?
  • Was the analysis appropriately conducted and findings clearly explained?
  • Do tables, figures, and images properly represent the data and are easy to interpret?


  • Does the author provide a frame or context for the social issues at hand?
  • Do they aim to include recommendations or action steps to guide policy, practice or future research (as appropriate)?

Public Accessibility

  • Does the author avoid jargon and excessive use of acronyms?
  • Does the author avoid dense theoretical discussion?
  • Does the author keep the reader's attention through writing quality and style?